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A self-introduction - Twisted Bonsai Tree

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June 11th, 2021

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11:11 am - A self-introduction

... by means of 24 images and a few haiku...

My name is Stefan Sencerz

That's me with my awesome ladies
Quan Yin's Lady, Princess Sappho and
Shakya's Lady, Miss Molly "Sweetness" Czarnuszka
(Sappho and Molly for short). They are both rescues.

I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy (from the University of Rochester, the thesis on "Moral Intuitions and the Problem of Justification in Ethics") and M.A. in Philosophy (from Warsaw University, thesis on the topic of "Animal Rights and Environmental Ethics").
I have published several refereed papers in areas of moral epistemology and ontology, environmental ethics, animal rights, history of modern philosophy, and applied ethics.
I have also published several refereed poems.
My favorite courses to teach are Introduction to Philosophy, Moral Philosophy (Ethics), Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics and Epistemology, and Environmental Ethics

Almost every morning, I take the ladies on a long roam on the beach.

Summer is over
yet we smile
just the same

Indeed, my dogs make me smile a lot.

Autumn dawn
I watch my pupps running
forth and back

It was an Autumn dawn, literally, when I took this photo. Also, it's Autumn dawn in terms of where I am in my life. My son just had a baby, my niece just entered the Medical School and studies to become a doctor. They are doing great. I am very happy for them. I love watching my pupps run back and forth.

Sometimes we find some interesting stuff on the beach

at last low tide
yet still up on the blown roof
a starfish

almost dusk
"Yes! Yes! I exist," he insists
my fading shadow

a busy day
the sandcastle
under siege

Of course, the Ladies knew exactly what to do.

Sometimes people say that my dogs are Yin and Yiang

I agree.

We love it when other dogs join our pack.
wind leans on dry grass
even dog's ear

Here is what the Ladies like to do for fun:

facing the breeze
her white tail melts
in the line of surf

If you don't look at them,
they cannot see you, obviously.

The temptation is growin

Too big

Full gallop... (Please, notice clouds reflecting in the surf!)

Almost there, almost there...

"$#!t! Whoof! Whoof! $#!t!"

"Whoof! Whoof! Whoof! Oh $#!t!!" 'Missed it this time...

OK, let's try again...

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Date:June 11th, 2014 08:33 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!

I think I am back at LJ more frequently at last, and it was lovely to be greeted by this post. Good to see your ladies and your beach again, and read your haiku. Also nice to see YOU and learn more about you.

Many years ago I did a BA majoring in English Literature and Philosophy (University of Melbourne 1962). Ethics was my favourite branch of Philosophy (and Kant my favourite ethicist. I don't think you can beat people being "ends in themselves."). My younger brother a few years later, at the same institution, switched from Science to Philosophy in his first year and ended up a lecturer at the University of Auckland; he has now just about reached retiring age.

I went back as an "adult student" (quaint term now that I come to think of it) in my thirties to do Aesthetics, because I got interested in those questions. My brother was on staff at Melbourne at that time and told me on the quiet that, although I was only doing it as a Pass subject, I got Honours marks in the exam. My Ethics tutor said the same when I did my BA. However, I am not the stuff of academe.

Some of my poet friends around that time told me, "Philosophy is death to poetry". Doesn't seem to have affected your haiku adversely! (My brother has been known to pen the occasional verse too, so there you go.)

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